Ryzen 7000 processors, despite the new socket, will be compatible with current coolers

New details and schematic images of the LGA1718 processor socket, also known as AM5, have appeared on the web. Yes, starting with the Ryzen 7000 line, AMD CPUs and APUs will repeat Intel processors in terms of appearance, however, and functionally too - Ryzen 7000 is credited with supporting DDR5 memory, as well as Intel Alder Lake CPUs, which will also switch to a new socket - LGA1700. But, judging by the new data, AMD's transition to the new socket will be less painful for users, since AM5 will remain compatible with coolers for the AM4 socket.

Also disclosed are the TDP values ​​of all processors on the Zen4 architecture and with socket AM5. There are six of them: 45, 65, 95, 105, 120, and 170 watts. That is, the 105 W bar, which is typical for the current top models, will be raised by 15 W, and very powerful models with a power consumption of about 50 W more than the current top ones will appear. For their cooling, a 280 mm LSS is recommended, but CPU and APU with a TDP of 120 W can be cooled with air systems.

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