Ryzen Threadripper 5000 details revealed

Another piece of data obtained from the Gigabyte leak suggests that Ryzen Threadripper 5000 processors (codenamed Chagall) will not receive an increased number of cores relative to the current generation. Thus, the top-end Threadripper 5000 will still be 64-core. Don't forget about the new Zen 3 architecture and improved workflow though.  

The new items are expected to be released in November. Current data points to at least eight models in the workstation lineup (WRX80), which we know as the Threadripper Pro. Such CPUs will have 12 to 64 cores. The usual Threadripper 5000 will have only three models with 24, 32, and 64 cores. 

The Threadripper 5000 models will offer a four-channel RAM controller and 64 PCIe 4.0 lanes, while the Threadripper Pro 5000 will boast an eight-channel controller and 128 PCIe lanes.  

Recall, from the same source, we managed to find out that the upcoming Epyc server CPUs will have up to 96 cores. Given the very close relationship between the Epyc server processors and the Threadripper line, you can expect the Threadripper 6000 processors to also have up to 96 cores. 

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