Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD has an imperceptible platform change

Samsung has quietly tweaked the specs of its SSD 970 Evo Plus. This practice is quite widespread on the market, and some drives of some manufacturers may even rely on many different platforms, and it is impossible to understand in advance what exactly you are buying. 

However, in the case of more serious brands and more expensive SSDs, this practice is rare. Speaking of the Samsung 970 Evo Plus, the older versions are based on the Phoenix S4LR020 controller and 3D-TLC NAND memory ID K9DUGY8J5B-DCK0. Now, some users have discovered that their drives are based on the Elpis S4LV003 controller and memory ID K9DUGY8J5B-CCK0. This controller, by the way, is used in the SSD 980 Pro. At the same time, in terms of consumer qualities, the new SSDs have become both worse and better at the same time. 

On the one hand, the write speed has grown from 1750 to 2500 MB / s, and the SLC cache has been increased from 42 to 115 GB, but on the other hand, when this cache is full in the new version, the speed drops to 800 MB / s versus 1500 MB / s in the old version. ... That is, the new modification is faster, but only up to a certain limit. However, given the modern realities of using drives, the new version in most cases is likely to be faster, which will only delight users.  

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