Samsung again succeeds in pushing Intel into second place in the ranking

 Experts of the analytical company IC Insights have summed up the results of the last quarter in the semiconductor market. They came to the conclusion that the market leader has changed again: Samsung was able to push Intel into second place.

The South Korean giant sold $ 20.297 billion in semiconductor products in the quarter, up 19% from the first quarter. It is noteworthy that the top ten manufacturers, including Samsung, increased sales by only 10% in the quarter, from 86.765 to 95.507 billion dollars.

Intel, which is, as already mentioned, in second place, increased sales by only 3%, from 18.676 to 19.304 billion dollars.

Third place is taken by TSMC, which also increased sales by 3%, to $ 13.315 billion. This is followed by SK Hynix and Micron, and the full data of the top ten are given in the table:

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