Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 received a unique OLED panel

Samsung Display revealed that the Galaxy Z Fold3 is using a new type of display.

The new panel is called Eco OLED because it is much more economical than previous versions. More specifically, Samsung says it has developed a laminated panel structure that prevents external light from being reflected instead of a polarizer, and increased light transmission by 33%, reducing the panel's power consumption by up to 25%. The polarizing film, which is commonly used in OLED panels, cuts the brightness by about half. Of course, getting rid of it, the Korean giant managed to reduce the power consumption of the new panel, while maintaining the brightness at the same levels. By the way, Samsung was the first on the market that managed to abandon the polarizing film. Samsung also notes that the use of Eco OLED in the Galaxy Z Fold3 influenced the appearance of a sub-screen camera in this smartphone.

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