Samsung introduced a special stylus for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and released the S Pen Pro in Russia

Along with the latest foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold3, Samsung has introduced a dedicated stylus just for this model - the S Pen Fold Edition. 

S Pen Fold Edition will be available to Russian users at a price of 4190 rubles. Also, Samsung has finally announced the Russian price for the S Pen Pro stylus, which was announced back in January 2021. S Pen Pro can be purchased for 10,990 rubles. 

The S Pen Pro received Bluetooth and supports remote smartphone control, for example, you can activate the camera shutter, switch songs or control a presentation by pressing a button or moving your hand. This stylus can work with all S Pen-enabled devices - Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Note10 / 20 series and many Galaxy tablets. 

The Galaxy Z Fold3 will only be able to work with the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro. The S Pen Pro stylus has no Bluetooth support, is less functional, thinner and shorter than the S Pen Pro. It can only work with the Galaxy Z Fold3. 

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