Samsung kills the cameras of the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 if the bootloader is unlocked

Samsung kills the cameras of the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 if the bootloader is unlocked. As noted by XDA Developers, while the combination of hardware and software makes Samsung's new foldable smartphones a great choice for most buyers, power users and enthusiasts may still feel the need to unlock the bootloader and root these devices to unleash their true potential.

Previously, Samsung made it much more difficult to get root access, and now the Korean manufacturer has introduced another obstacle to this. As members of XDA Developers discovered, Samsung disables cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 after the user unlocks the bootloader.

Previously, those who wanted to get root rights were faced with the fact that any modifications to the device lead to the activation of the Knox security system, the cancellation of the warranty and the shutdown of the Samsung Pay payment service. It was quite possible to come to terms with these disadvantages. However, a dead camera is not a compromise that users, even enthusiasts, are willing to make. 

In the process of unlocking the bootloader, a warning is displayed on the last screen that the operation will turn off the camera. 

After loading the smartphone with the unlocked bootloader, the standard camera application stops working, like all other functions related to the camera. This means that the user is also deprived of the face recognition function. Other functions that use any of the cameras of the smartphone, including third-party applications for shooting, are disabled, give errors, or simply become dark.

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