Samsung managed to increase PC sales in the USA by 51%

Experts from the analytical company Canalys have calculated that the PC market in the United States in the second quarter of 2021 grew by 17% in annual terms. In total, 36.8 million desktops, laptops and tablets were shipped during the reporting period. Laptops performed better, with shipments growing 27% year over year. Desktop shipments rose 23%. In the segment of tablets, a decrease in shipments by 1% was recorded.

HP leads the PC market in the US for the second quarter in a row. The share of this company even increased slightly over the year - from 21.2% to 21.9%. And in the segment of Chromebooks, HP takes 42% at all.

In second place is Apple, but the share of this company declined from 24.8% to 20.6% over the year. Analysts point out that it is the only major manufacturer to cut supplies. Apparently, the decline in Apple's share is due to the decline in interest in tablets. At the same time, the success of models based on the M1 processor allowed Apple to increase notebook sales by 24%.

The third place is occupied by Dell, which increased sales by 10.5%. Given that this figure is less than the market average, Dell's share fell from 16.4% to 15.6%.

The top five also include Lenovo and Samsung. The former showed sales growth of 25%, and the latter - 51%, which is the best indicator among the main suppliers. Lenovo's share for the year increased from 11.6% to 12.4%, and Samsung's share - from 6.4% to 8.2%.

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