Samsung may turn off TVs around the world to measures in case of theft

Samsung has introduced a new feature to its TVs, now they can be remotely locked or turned off in case of theft. The move was made in response to unrest in South Africa, which led to large-scale robberies affecting Samsung warehouses and stores.

The Korean manufacturer explains:

TV Block is a remote security solution that detects if a Samsung TV has been improperly activated and ensures that TVs can only be used by their rightful owners with valid proof of purchase. ” 

According to Samsung, the technology aims to counter the emergence of secondary markets associated with the sale of illegal goods, both in South Africa and beyond. TV Block is already preinstalled on all Samsung TV products around the world. 

Serial numbers of all TVs stolen from Samsung warehouses or from distributors are listed on Samsung servers.

After the TV is connected to the Internet, the device is checked against the list. If there is a match, then all television functions on the device are automatically disabled. 

If a Samsung TV is locked by mistake, full functionality may be restored within 48 hours after the confirmation of purchase, and a valid TV license is sent to the Samsung retailer or by email to

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