Samsung smartphone caught fire on board the plane, two were injured

As it became known, a passenger plane of the airline Alaska Airlines (flight 751) made an emergency landing at Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, USA, this Monday due to a burning smartphone.

An airport spokesman for Perry Cooper said the plane took off from New Orleans. As for the smartphone on fire, it turned out to be the Samsung Galaxy A21, which burned out almost completely - so that it was impossible to determine the model without the help of the owner.

During the flight, the mobile phone began to smoke and caught fire. The crew reacted quickly, using fire extinguishers and sealed battery packs. Onboard there were 128 passengers and 6 crew members. Two were eventually taken to hospital.

Five years ago, Alaska Airlines and its regional airline, Horizon Air, were equipped with special sealed battery packs. These bags are made of flame retardant material that can withstand temperatures around 1760 degrees.

The Samsung Galaxy A21 smartphone was released in April 2020. This is an entry-level phone with a 4000 mAh battery.

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