Samsung's new stylus does not work with previously released Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 became the first foldable smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer with stylus support. You can only use one of the two styluses, the S Pen Fold Edition or the S Pen Pro (the latter must be switched to the appropriate mode).

Enthusiasts wondered what would happen if they tried to use the S Pen Fold Edition with Samsung's all-in-one phone, such as the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was released earlier this year. It turns out that the phone recognizes the stylus, but it does not work correctly - for some reason the accessory always works in the eraser mode.

The S Pen Pro will of course work as long as you remember to switch it to the correct mode. However, it is not yet clear if the S21 Ultra software update can fix the problem when using the S Pen Fold Edition. The source suggests that there will be problems when using the accessory with Note series smartphones.

So, if you have multiple S Pen-enabled devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold3, but only want to buy one stylus, then the S Pen Pro model is worth choosing. It has Bluetooth features that the S Pen Fold Edition lacks.

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