Satellite communications in iPhone will be limited to emergency messages

According to the latest information, Apple plans to allow iPhone users to send emergency messages via satellite if they find themselves in an area without cellular coverage. Such a feature could potentially save lives, while it is reported that Apple plans to add this feature to future iPhones.

Bloomberg calls this feature "Emergency Messages via Satellite and will be integrated into the iMessage app as a third protocol (in addition to SMS and iMessage). Messages will be sent with a gray background.

The second function will be a tool for reporting major emergencies such as plane crashes and shipwrecks, also using satellite networks.

The source clarifies that emergency satellite communications are unlikely to be available until next year. In addition, the aforementioned functions may be changed or even canceled.

Recently, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities announced that the iPhone 13 line will be the most compact, convenient, and mainstream satellite smartphone in the world.

Then security expert and head of Errata Security Robert Graham (Robert Graham) said that the iPhone 13 will not support satellite communications.

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