Steve Jobs' letter confirms that the Apple may have released iPhone nano

Rumors of a possible iPhone nano have been buzzing with Apple fans for years, right from the launch of the original iPhone in 2007. As it turned out, the hopes were not at all unfounded. 

In a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, an email from the late Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder and CEO at the time, was released to the public. The letter confirms that in 2010 the company had plans to work on the iPhone nano, a possible miniature version of the iPhone 4.

Jobs sent a letter to colleagues in October 2010, a few months after the company released the iPhone 4. The email includes business plans for 2011.

There is also a plan for the development of the iPhone direction. Jobs notes in an email that in 2011 Apple will release a Plus version for the iPhone 4 with improved antennas. Apple ultimately followed through on that plan with the iPhone 4S.

The last paragraph of the email is perhaps the most interesting, where Jobs points out the "iPhone‌ nano roadmap" with sub-paragraphs about Jony Ive's development and design costs. In the letter, Jobs also highlighted plans to create a "low-cost iPhone based on the iPod touch to replace the 3GS."

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