T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Memory Modules To Be Available To Order In The Next Quarter

Last December, Team Group announced the development of the first engineering prototype of a consumer-grade DDR5 memory module. Last week, the Taiwanese manufacturer unveiled the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 series of RAM modules. They are decorated with lighting and are addressed to lovers of computer games.

At first glance, the new modules resemble those of the previous generation T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 modules, inheriting from them minimalist contours and full-color backlighting. However, the manufacturer notes innovations in the form of "use of stealth fighter imagery" and addressable LEDs. The backlight is compatible with common backlight control systems. To verify compatibility, sample modules have already been provided to Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, and Biostar.

T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 modules are expected to be available to order in the fourth quarter of this year. They will be offered in 16 and 32 GB sizes. As for the effective frequency, the line will include modules from DDR5-4800 to DDR5-5600. They will be compatible with Intel XMP 3.0 and One-Click Overclocking. According to preliminary information, the modules will have a three-year warranty.

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