Tamron rises to mirrorless lens manufacturer

he source published the latest statistics from BCN Ranking, which shows that mirrorless cameras are confidently pushing their SLR predecessors out of the market. For the first time in a month, more mirrorless cameras were sold than DSLRs in July 2017, and in July this year, the share of mirrorless models in total interchangeable lens camera sales reached 79.8%. The picture repeats itself in the lens market, but with some delay. Mirrorless lenses were sold for the first time more than DSLR lenses in July 2019. In July this year, the share of lenses for mirrorless cameras in the total sales of interchangeable lenses reached 69.2%.

Sony is the leading lens supplier for mirrorless cameras. It consistently accounts for more than 20-25% of all sales. At the same time, the average unit price is close to $ 730, which is the highest value in this market. Other major manufacturers are fiercely fighting among themselves, constantly changing places in the ranking, but only occasionally do any of them manage to exceed the 15% threshold.

As of July, Tamron was in second place with 14.2%, gaining market share thanks to the success of Sony E-mount models. Canon came in third with a 13.3% share. A more complete picture of the balance of power is given by the graph:

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