The bang is the biggest design change on the iPhone 13

Sources in the Apple supply chain say the Cupertino-based company finalized the look of the iPhone 13 and did not approve the design until early August this year.

Since the beginning of this month, no further changes have been made to the design of the smartphone, and contract manufacturers have begun mass production of the iPhone. At the same time, manufacturers of accessories have started to produce covers and protective glasses for new smartphones.

This morning we published photos showing the packaging of protective glass for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro smartphones, equipped with the same 6.1-inch screens. Photos show a significantly reduced notch at the top center of the screen.

The source claims that the most significant design change on the iPhone 13 is this cutout, often referred to as the bangs. The bangs debuted in 2017 on the iPhone X and have appeared in every new Apple smartphone ever since. But in this generation, it will become noticeably smaller. The source writes that in size it will be 1/3 of the iPhone 12 bangs. However, the source may be mistaken, and it is about the fact that the new bangs will be 1/3 smaller.

Less than a month is left before the announcement of the iPhone 13. According to rumors, the iPhone 13 should be presented in September this year.

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