The Galaxy Z Flip3 doesn't have a sub-screen camera

Samsung yesterday unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3, with the Galaxy Z Fold3 getting a sub-screen selfie camera, while the Galaxy Z Flip3 uses a conventional in-screen front camera. The company explained why it made this decision.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 has a 10MP camera for taking selfies, while the flagship Galaxy Z Fold3 has a 4MP camera that sits below the surface of the screen. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold3 has a large display and an ideal form factor for mounting a camera under the display, while high-quality selfies are a more important aspect of the daily life of potential Galaxy Z Flip 3 users.

In fact, Samsung admits that the camera under the first-generation display is not perfect. In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold3, like its predecessor, allows you to take high-quality selfies with the main camera. When the smartphone is open, you can turn it with the main camera towards you, select the Rear Cam Selfie function on the external screen and use the external screen as a viewfinder to take a photo.

It's worth noting that the outer screen in the Galaxy Z Flip3 is four times larger than last year. During the announcement, it was announced that you can take selfies or record video with the main camera when folded down by double-tapping the power button.

Probably, as the technology develops, the sub-screen camera will appear in the next generation Galaxy Z Flip.

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