The head of GlobalFoundries believes that the volume of production of semiconductor products in eight to ten years should double

The semiconductor industry needs to double its manufacturing capacity over the next eight to ten years to address shortages and growing concerns from the United States government about supply chain security. This opinion was recently expressed by Tom Caulfield, CEO of GlobalFoundries, the largest US contract manufacturer of semiconductor products.

Caulfield noted "the recent increase in geopolitical awareness of how critical semiconductor products, and in particular manufacturing, are critical to supplying chain security, sovereign security, and economic security."

It took 50 years for the semiconductor industry to grow to a half-trillion-dollar industry, and we will need to do the same in about ten years, ”said the head of GlobalFoundries in his online speech at the annual Semicon Southeast Asia event. - Tom Caulfield

Caulfield believes the industry needs a new economic model to achieve this, based on "bold public-private partnerships with governments, customers, manufacturers, and suppliers."

Global foundries CEO recalled that thanks to the consolidation of the industry over the years, there are now only five viable players in the contract manufacturing of microcircuits in the world: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), Samsung Electronics, GlobalFoundries, United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co (SMIC). Moreover, the share of TSMC exceeds the total share of the other four companies, and most of the capacities are concentrated in Greater China.

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