The most popular SSDs are manufactured by Samsung

Samsung continues to lead the SSD market. According to the results of the second quarter, the Korean giant took 24.4% of the market in quantitative terms and 34.9% in terms of the total volume of drives sold.  

This indicates that, on average, Samsung's drives have higher capacities than competing solutions. WD is in second place in both ratings, taking 18.8% and 16.6%, respectively. But the three leaders in different ratings are closed by different companies. In quantitative terms, this is Kioxia with 12.6%, and in terms of volume - Intel with 10.3%.  

In total, 99.6 million solid-state drives were shipped for the quarter, up from 99.4 million a quarter earlier. Despite the fact that SSDs are ahead of HDDs in quantitative terms, it is impossible to compare these two segments in terms of total volume: 68 versus 351 EB.  

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