The Russian company has tested a drone with a shotgun

The Russian concern Almaz-Antey has successfully conducted field tests of a drone with a shotgun. The Krechet apparatus with a 12 gauge shotgun has shown good results and, according to the creators, can effectively deal with its typical targets. 

The main advantage of this technique is the price. The general designer of the company, Pavel Sozinov, claims that the cost of solving the problem of defeating the enemy, in this case, is equal to the price of a 12-gauge cartridge. 

The main targets of the Krechet are other small drones weighing up to 30 kg, which are impractical to destroy with more serious weapons. 

You don't have to spend expensive anti-aircraft missiles on mini- and micro-drones, which actually cost a penny. - Pavel Sozinov 

In the near future, the company intends to complete the development of the complex, which, according to Almaz-Antey, may be of interest to foreign customers.  

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