Tim Cook preparing to leave Apple?

Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple for 10 years. While this may be a dream job for many, it is likely that Apple's head change is just around the corner. 

Well-known journalist and insider Mark Gurman said Cook wants to oversee the launch of yet another new product category for the Cupertino giant before deciding to retire. What this product is is not yet clear, but given numerous rumors and leaks, it could be an augmented reality headset. It supposedly should come out next year, although in the case of Apple, no one will undertake to say for sure. 

At the same time, Cook will not leave immediately after the announcement. Launch control in this case, apparently, means that the current head of Apple will wait until the product becomes massive and devoid of childhood sores. At the very least, Gourmet suggests that Cook may leave office sometime between 2025 and 2028.  

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