Users complain about mysterious crashes of new Macs

There are more and more complaints on the network about mysterious failures of new Mac computers based on Apple's proprietary M1 SoC. 

The situation is such - a crackling sound is heard, from static electricity, and then a sudden reboot follows. As noted by the publication ZDnet, the sound is made by the speaker, not the "roasting electronics". At the same time, complaints are becoming more common in Apple communities. 

Mac mini and Apple M1-based MacBook users report crashes and restarts with the bewildering error "SOCD report detected: (AP timer expired)".

Reboots happen in different conditions, but most often - with devices connected to Thunderbolt 3, such as external drives, docking stations, and so on. Different versions of the operating system are used - both macOS Big Sur 11.4 and macOS Big Sur 11.5. 

Apple itself has not yet commented on the situation. 

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