What happens if you pour earth into the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3?

Blogger JerryRigEverything got hold of a brand new flexible Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 to put it to the test. 

It's no secret that the internal display of the Fold3, like previous models with flexible screens, is protected by a film. Samsung says it's stronger, but it's still plastic and still very easy to scratch. As before, a material with a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale is sufficient, including just a nail.  

But the Fold3 hinge is definitely better protected. The smartphone has received protection from water, and it also copes well with something like sand or earth. Of course, in everyday life, a smartphone should not be subjected to such tests, but the safety margin of the hinge is clearly higher. 

Also, the smartphone has a large margin of safety when it comes to attempts to turn it inside out. As a result, the Fold3 can probably be treated a little less carefully than its predecessors, without risking damaging the device. Although this does not apply to the film on the inner screen, everything is the same here.

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