What is the right MacBook for you?

MacBook laptops have reached an unprecedented level of power. This was evident after the company moved from relying on Intel processors to relying on ARM chips, specifically the M1 chip that it designs itself.

Relying on the new chipset has increased performance on the one hand, and energy savings on the other hand, as well as allowing iOS apps to run on Mac since both now carry processors of the same type.

There are currently various versions of MacBook laptops to choose from. In this article, we share with you a set of the best options, with an explanation of the reasons for choosing them.

MacBook Air (2020)

Air versions of Apple laptops are known to be the least performing. But the situation changed with the flagship M1 chip. Where it made the MacBook Air 2020 version of the strongest versions in terms of performance and numbers achieved on test platforms.

As we know, there are hundreds of applications that have been specially designed for the new chip, but for the old applications, the device supports them through the Rosetta 2 program.

Due to the new technology in the processor, the device offers excellent battery life, similar to that provided by mobile devices due to the reliance on the ARM chipset. Its battery is enough to work for more than 12 hours without problems, unlike previous Intel versions, which only lasted an average of seven hours.

The device does not come with internal fans. So it offers a very quiet using experience. The device comes with a storage space of 265 GB in the cheapest version of it. The slightly more expensive version comes with 512 GB, and an additional processing core for the graphics card.

The device costs only $999, so it is ideal for those who want to try out the new M1 chipset, and get long life and hassle-free experience.

Pro version of the same device

As usual, the device is available in the Pro version along with the Air version. The Pro version offers better performance, of course, but the difference between the two versions is not large, given that it is the same M1 chip that is responsible for the central processing, graphics, and random memory.

This version of MacBook offers better performance with more powerful software such as video editing software. In exchange for excellent battery life and a significant improvement to its headphones and microphone. The device comes with the popular Touch Bar.

With this device, you can get the same features mentioned above related to the M1. Like running iPhone apps, and also taking advantage of old apps not designed for the chip by Rosetta.

The device outperforms the MacBook Pro that comes with a tenth-generation Intel processor. Where Apple sells both versions. The MacBook Pro version costs about $1,299.

MacBook Pro 16 inch Edition

The aforementioned devices come in a size of 13 inches. This is Apple's default measurement. But the company also offers a 16-inch version of the Pro version.

The device offers an excellent microphone and headphones. In addition to four USB-C ports and a 16-inch screen as mentioned above, which offers better, sharper colors.

The device is also available in a version with a processor from Intel, specifically the i7 of the third generation, but the M1 version is superior to it, and on the other hand, the Intel version is distinguished by its arrival with an external graphics card, which adds more value to the device and its capabilities.

And this device comes at a price of 2,299 USD, with a very large difference from the previously mentioned devices.

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