Xiaomi apologizes to fans: MIUI developers will soon give a reasonable answer

Xiaomi has apologized to users who did not expect to be removed from the MIUI beta testing program. A PR company spokesman confirmed that they are receiving user feedback across all channels and added that the MIUI team should provide a reasonable answer soon.

A few days ago, users began to notice that they were no longer participating in the MIUI internal testing program. The official reason for their exclusion is that they did not complete their task on time. The message says that they did not put a test grade last week and were therefore excluded from the project. Some users also claim to be unaware of the specific reason they were excluded.

The Xiaomi Community 3.0 was launched a few days ago. In addition to the new user interface, the MIUI internal testing mechanism has changed imperceptibly for many. Users must complete weekly tasks at a specified time, including submitting suggestions, feedback, and so on. If they do not complete them on time, they will be suspended from testing.

According to users, Xiaomi made changes to the rules without informing the participants, and very much upset the fans, among whom were users with many years of experience.

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