Xiaomi Black Shark 5 based on Snapdragon 888 Plus is on the way

The release of the SoC Snapdragon 888 Plus, as always in such cases, will lead to the emergence of many updated flagships of 2021. One of these will be the Xiaomi Black Shark 5. 

Despite the release of the Black Shark 4 line less than six months ago, a new one is already on the way. The Black Shark 5 and probably the Black Shark 5 Pro, if there is such a model, will receive the Snapdragon 888 Plus. It is also expected to have a charging capacity of 100 or 120 watts.  

The Black Shark 4 Pro is currently the most powerful smartphone in the world according to the AnTuTu ranking. It is quite possible that the Black Shark 5 and 5 Pro will also gain a foothold in this ranking for a long time as the new kings of the market.  

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