Xiaomi is not at all leading the market, but only plans to lead it in three years

Xiaomi has said it plans to lead the smartphone market in just three years. You may be surprised, because the other day there was news that Xiaomi has overthrown Samsung, becoming the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in terms of sales in June 2021. Let's figure it out.

The fact is that Xiaomi did manage to bypass Samsung, but only in June sales. At the end of the quarter, Samsung Electronics managed to maintain its leadership, as well as in sales from the beginning of this year. Xiaomi's management confirms that now the main thing for her is to gain a foothold in the second position, and she is going to steadily lead only in a few years.

Our current task is to keep the second place in the world market. In three years, we plan to take first place. - Lei Juen, CEO and Founder of Xiaomi

It is also important to understand that Xiaomi's success in recent months is also due to the fact that the company took over parts of the market faster than others that Huawei is leaving due to US sanctions. Recently it became known that Xiaomi led the global market for 5G smartphones on Android, and Samsung fell immediately to fourth place. In addition, in the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi took first place in smartphone sales in more than 20 countries and regions of the world.

Lei Jun recalled that back in 2014, he promised to turn Xiaomi into the largest smartphone manufacturer in 5-10 years.

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