Xiaomi is testing a device with a photochromic back cover

Looks like Xiaomi wants to launch a smartphone with a photochromic back cover too. According to the latest data, the company is already testing a similar product, but there are no details. It is not yet clear when such a device will be released and what kind of model it will be. But we can definitely say that if Xiaomi releases such a smartphone to the global market, photochromic technology in this form will become more popular. 

At the same time, such a smartphone will not be the first. You can recall both the Vivo S10 and Oppo Reno6 Pro + Detective Conan Limited Edition, both using photochromic technology. But these smartphones are poorly represented in the global market, so many people simply do not know about them. 

The source of information is the verified insider Digital Chat Station, which has shared information about smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi, and not only many times. 

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