Xiaomi leads the second largest smartphone market with 80% more smartphones than Samsung in India

Manu Kumar Jain, Managing Director and Global Vice President of Xiaomi India, reported on Twitter that Xiaomi has been the largest smartphone brand in India for 16 quarters or 4 consecutive years. This data was published by the research company IDC.

The company also reportedly held 29.2% of the smartphone market in India in the second quarter of this year. Over the past year, Xiaomi has boosted smartphone sales in this country by 84%. At the same time, Xiaomi shipped 80% more smartphones than the company in second place (Samsung).

At the same time, Xiaomi announced the distribution of gifts: upon reaching 500, 1000 and 4000 retweets of this message, users who left messages under these numbers will receive Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, Xiaomi Mi 11X, and an upcoming laptop as a gift.

In June, Xiaomi became the world's largest smartphone brand, overtaking Apple and Samsung. However, the company itself believes that the main thing for it for now is to gain a foothold in second place .

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