Xiaomi Mi Care extended warranty arrives in Europe and other countries around the world

The Xiaomi Mi Care service, which launched in China in November 2020, is reported to be available in Europe and other international markets soon. The new trademark registration could indicate that Xiaomi is planning to launch the program in Europe and America.

Xiaomi Mi Care is a comprehensive after-sales service. For a small additional cost, users can ensure their device, with the insurance coverage, among other things, two-screen replacements per year. You also get an extra year of warranty (3 years instead of 2 years) and a discount coupon to replace your device with another model after one year.

The expansion of Xiaomi Mi Care to Europe, the USA, and other countries will bring the company closer to conquering the global smartphone market. Xiaomi has previously received several awards for excellent service at its centers in China as well as the Mi Store in parts of Asia, including India.

Interestingly, information about Xiaomi's abandonment of its Mi brand emerged day before yesterday.

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