Xiaomi Mi Watch 2 is on its way

For the first time, rumors appeared on the Web about the imminent debut of the new Xiaomi smartwatch - Mi Watch 2. The first-generation model was released last fall, so the imminent debut of Mi Watch 2 is a completely logical event. According to the source, this new Xiaomi watch will be built on the not yet officially unveiled Qualcomm Wear 5100 platform. Xiaomi is often the first to release smartphones on the latest Qualcomm SoCs (the latest example is the newest Mi Mix 4, which became the first production model on Snapdragon 888 Plus). so the Mi Watch 2 could indeed be the first Qualcomm Wear 5100 model.

As for the Mi CC11, the Snapdragon 778G platform is assigned to it, but the much more powerful Snapdragon 870 will be registered in the Mi CC11 Pro. Models of this line will receive very high-quality cameras and should enter the Top 10 DxOMark camera phones rating, while the cost should not exceed about half the cost of current flagships. The premiere of Mi CC11 and Mi Watch 2 is expected in September.

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