Xiaomi smartphones have risen in price compared to last year

Xiaomi released today a report on the results of the last second fiscal quarter of 2021. The most interesting thing for us in this report is, of course, smartphones. 

The total shipments of Xiaomi smartphones worldwide amounted to 52.9 million units, their growth was 86.8% compared to the same period a year ago when 28.3 million smartphones were sold. 

There is also been an increase in the average price of a Xiaomi smartphone over the past quarter. If last year the average price of a Xiaomi smartphone in the second quarter was 1116.3 yuan (12,771 rubles and 22 kopecks), now it has grown to 1116.7 yuan (12,775 rubles and 80 kopecks). 

The difference was 4 rubles and 58 kopecks. It doesn't sound very impressive, but don't underestimate such amounts in terms of Xiaomi's sales volume. If you multiply 52.9 million smartphones by 4.58 rubles, you get 242,282,000 rubles per quarter.

In addition, given that Xiaomi's sales almost doubled, but the average price did not fall, but increased, which means that the demand for more expensive models has grown.  

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