Xiaomi's cheap smart desk lamp unveiled

Xiaomi has introduced the Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite, which is an updated version of the lamp released last year. The main innovation is the addition of smart features while maintaining the same lighting quality.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Table Lamp Lite has a small base, the lamp can be rotated 218 ° and tilted 180 °. The declared illumination is 1200 lux, which meets the national A-class illumination standard in China. Homogenization technology with two lenses expands the glow area, making the light more uniform. It is reported that the novelty has also passed a photobiological safety test by the relevant professional institutions. The lamp emits absolutely no blue light and does not flicker.

The lamp can be connected to a smart home system, it has a built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway, after which you can control its functions through a smart speaker or from a smartphone.

The device is offered for just $ 15 in China.

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