ZTE MU5001 portable Wi-Fi router presented

ZTE has unveiled a new portable Wi-Fi router with some pretty cool features. The router with a 5G SIM card slot also has a touchscreen display that allows the user to control the device directly rather than through an interface on a phone or computer. The 2.4-inch screen displays details such as signal strength, connected devices, battery level, and data consumed.

The ZTE MU5001 router has a two-color design. It's also quite thick, which comes as no surprise considering it has a Gigabit Ethernet port on one side and also houses a 4,500mAh battery. At the same time, it will still easily fit in your pocket.

The SIM card slot is at the top, and like most modern smartphones, you'll need a paperclip to eject the SIM card. The top also houses the power button and two slots for external antennas. It supports 5G NSA and SA networks as well as 4G. Inside is a Snapdragon X55 modem with a maximum download speed of up to 3.8 Gbps.

ZTE says up to 32 users can connect to the router through a total of three interfaces: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB-C. The 4500 mAh battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. The portable router also supports Quick Charge 3.0, which takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. Users can also use the ZTE MU5001 portable router to charge their phones as it supports 10W reverse charging.

The price of new items is $ 385.

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