5G rollout will drive cloud video revenue to $ 67.5 billion by 2024

Deploying 5G networks at the edge of the global network provides communications service providers with new opportunities to develop innovative applications and services, generating revenue streams in the media and entertainment industry. Edge computing will be critical for these use cases as it provides the ideal trade-off between decentralizing network traffic and centralizing processing power. This is the opinion of experts from the international consulting company ABI Research, who believe that 5G and edge networks will turn games into a "fully immersive environment" with multiplayer capabilities. According to their forecast, the number of cloud gaming users will reach 119 million by 2024. Additionally, 5G edge networks will drive cloud video revenue from $ 5 billion in 2019 to $ 67 billion. 

Analysts are confident that the proliferation of 5G edge networks will drive scenarios where high data rates and low latency are critical. For example, for 5G, location doesn't matter because content can be created and distributed from anywhere without the restrictions associated with fixed equipment. 5G networks allow multiple users to access content at the same time in different locations. The ability to create content quickly and in multiple locations can reduce the time and resources required to produce multimedia. In addition, most media and gaming use cases today, especially cloud gaming and cloud video, are consumer-driven, but 5G and edge infrastructure are expected to expand to enterprise use cases over time.

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