A video clip reviews the design of the upcoming Pixel 6 Pro phone from Google

Past leaks revealed the design of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones, and today a video was spotted reviewing the design of a model of the Pixel 6 Pro phone.

The Pixel 6 Pro phone model appears with an unspecified logo on the back in an attempt to obscure the phone before the official announcement, but the funky camera design confirms that it is one of the upcoming releases from Google.

The video clip, which lasts up to 30 seconds, reviews the design of the Pixel 6 Pro phone in all directions, as the design of the phone is consistent with the leaks published about this version so far.

It is noteworthy that the search giant has not yet officially set the scheduled date for the official announcement of the Pixel 6 series, but the leaks that have come so far indicate Google’s plans to hold an event on October 19 to announce the new generation of Pixel phones.

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