According to Jon Peddie Research, the video card market grew by 179% over the year

Experts from the analytical company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) have prepared a report for the second quarter of this year, related to the market of video cards for desktops, workstations, servers, rendering and mining installations, as well as scientific instruments.

According to analysts, the specified market in annual terms grew by 179% and reached $ 11.8 billion. Compared to the first quarter, there is a decrease in supplies, which analysts attribute to the seasonal factor.

Although video cards are produced by a fairly large number of companies (54, according to the JPR calculations), they are all built on GPUs from only two manufacturers - AMD and Nvidia. At the end of the quarter, Nvidia owns 80% of the market.

Last year, the video card market was $ 29 billion. According to JPR experts, in the coming years it will continue to grow steadily, so that in 2023 sales will reach $ 44.1 billion.

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