Alibaba's Largest Marketplace Stops Selling Miner Hardware

Earlier this year, the mining of cryptocurrencies was banned in China, last week the local National Bank imposed a ban on any cryptocurrency transactions, and now the largest trading platform announces the termination of sales of equipment for miners. This is a natural consequence of the complete ban on cryptocurrencies in China.

As stated in the official statement, " Given the volatility of laws and regulations on virtual currencies and related products in various international markets, will prohibit the sale of virtual currency miners ." Interestingly, the sale of not only hardware and accessories and software but also tutorials on mining stops. The company made the announcement yesterday and the ban will go into effect on October 8.

In China, like in no other country, they are fighting against cryptocurrency miners at all levels. For example, today we wrote about how 10,100 cryptocurrency mining devices were confiscated in Inner Mongolia .

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