All Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones will receive optical image stabilization from next year

Samsung ceded leadership in the smartphone market to Xiaomi this year, but the Korean company won't give up without a fight. The company will continue to improve its smartphones to make them more attractive to users. One such move is optical stabilization, which will appear in all mid-range Galaxy A series smartphones from next year.

It should be noted that optical stabilization is already present in some models of the line. For example, the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 have it, and even the recently introduced Galaxy A22 at the price of $ 250 with a 48-megapixel camera also received optical stabilization. So the process can be considered already launched, but next year it will acquire a different scale.

The Galaxy M and Galaxy A series smartphones are very important to Samsung - they are relatively inexpensive models that are in high demand in emerging markets. Users appreciate them for their good value for money and the inclusion of optical stabilization in the Galaxy A should make the models in the line more attractive to users and potential buyers.

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