Amazon: 600 brands and 3,000 stores paid for paid reviews

Amazon regularly responds to policy violations by online retailers to keep consumers as safe as possible. The company said it has closed about 3,000 online stores belonging to approximately 600 Chinese brands. The reason was that these brands were systematically posting promotional paid reviews of their stores.

The lockdown was the largest ever implemented by Amazon and affected several popular Chinese companies. However, according to Amazon, the current move has not affected the growth prospects of Chinese firms on the platform. This was announced by Cindy Tai, Amazon's vice president of global sales in Asia.

The paid reviews issue is a serious violation of Amazon's 2016 policy. Customers rely on the accuracy and reliability of product reviews when making a purchase decision, so paid positive reviews are not allowed on the platform. Amazon says it will continue to improve its internal mechanisms to detect various policy violations.

This move by Amazon has led some popular brands to look for alternative e-commerce platforms to continue their operations and find eBay and AliExpress, for example.

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