Amazon unveils its first TVs

Rumors that Amazon is preparing to introduce TVs under its own brand have ceased to be rumors. The company has just announced its first TVs, and there are eight new products at once and they are divided into two series: Fire TV 4 basic, Fire TV Omni standing one step higher.

New items will only go on sale in October, but prices have already been announced. They look like this

Amazon Fire TV Omni 

  • 43 inches - $ 410
  • 50 inches - $ 510
  • 55 inches - $ 560
  • 65 inches - $ 830
  • 75 inches - $ 1,100

Amazon Fire TV 4 

  • 43 inches - $ 370
  • 50 inches - $ 470
  • 55 inches - $ 520

The Fire TV Omni Series supports long-distance voice control without the need to press any keys. You can ask the TV to start a series, play music, display a weather forecast, or display a picture from smart cameras located around the house. In fact, you can interact with TV in the same way as with smart Amazon Echo speakers. If you want privacy, you can turn off the microphones - for this, there is a switch under the screen. And if you need video calls, then the TV can be retrofitted with a webcam with support for the Zoom service.

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