AMD GPUs with mRDNA architecture are used in the new Exynos SoCs

Samsung and AMD have previously confirmed that they have used the RDNA GPU architecture in the new Exynos SoC. Now new details have emerged. According to South Korean forum user Clien, Samsung is using three types of AMD GPUs with mRDNA architecture for its mobile Exynos SoCs. They will differ in the number of cores and clock speed.

Flagship smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S22 series, will receive a 6-core GPU with as yet unknown clock speed. Mid-range smartphones, including the Galaxy A series, will feature single-chip systems with 4- and 2-core GPUs.

In addition, the mRDNA GPU for Galaxy A series devices is reportedly currently being tested at 1 GHz. Since these are not flagship phones, the Exynos SoCs will use ARM Cortex-A78 cores instead of the X-series. According to reports, this will make the mobile platform 10% less productive than the flagship solution.

Unfortunately, the source does not reveal the exact models of smartphones that will use the new Exynos SoCs. But it is known that Exynos SoC with 4-core mRDNA GPU will be shipped to Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

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