AMD's new processors will have nearly 1GB of cache

AMD X3D technology (3D V-Cache) , which will allow the company to significantly increase the amount of cache memory in its processors, will also be used in the creation of server CPU Milan-X. And such processors will be able to offer up to 768 MB of L3 cache!

Simple calculations make it possible to understand that we are talking about the same 64 MB cache memory chip, which can be placed on a processor chip. The top server CPU Milan has eight such chiplets with a total cache memory of the third level equal to 256 MB. Thus, eight 64 MB chips will add another 512 MB to the Milan-X processors, bringing the total L3 cache to the same 768 MB.

The top model Epyc 7773X with 64 cores will offer this amount of cache memory. In this case, the frequency will be 2.2-3.5 GHz, and the TDP will be equal to 280 watts.

There are also data on a number of other CPUs, which, despite the smaller number of cores, will retain a huge amount of cache memory. This is due to the fact that in such processors all eight chiplets are physically present anyway, just some of the cores are disabled or do not work due to manufacturing defects.

Officially, such CPUs have not yet been presented, but the source has repeatedly shared data on AMD processors and video cards, and these data have always been confirmed.

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