An analyst compiled an impressive graph showing the price dynamics of all Apple smartphones

Analyst Horace Dediu claims the iPhone 13 is "the most important iPhone in history," and he also posted a very interesting chart that shows price trends for all Apple smartphone models released since 2007.

The schedule seems complicated only at first glance: upon closer examination, everything falls into place. Each bar on the graph is labeled with a specific model and size of flash memory. The chart also shows how long this or that model lasted on the market and how its price changed.

The picture shows a huge number of models with prices ranging from $ 400 to $ 1600. It can be seen that the average selling price of the iPhone is increasing every year, which is explained by the increase in the amount of flash memory. So, this year, the iPhone 13 Pro received 1TB of flash memory for the first time.

At the bottom of the graph, the dotted line shows the average selling price of Android smartphones over the same time period, which fell to a minimum in 2016 and has been increasing in recent years, but it does not reach $ 300.

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