Android 12.1: There was a lot of information about features and changes

Despite the fact that Android 12 is still available only in the form of beta versions, and the final version will be released in early October, the web is already talking about the next iteration. But not about Android 13, but about the intermediate version - Android 12.1.  

We first learned about it a week ago, now we have more information. According to her, probably, Android 12.1 is needed to improve the system and interface on flexible smartphones with large screens. We will remind, now there are rumors that the Google Pixel Fold is preparing for the release. 

So what's next for Android 12.1? XDA has already discovered a number of new features and changes. For example, a lock screen with an adjustable size, split the lock screen into two areas, a redesigned taskbar, a pin-code input field on the lock bar shifted to the side for easier one-handed input, simultaneous display of the quick settings panel and notifications, an improved split screen function, the ability to drag a pop-up notification into a full-fledged application right away in split screen mode, and more.  

On the source site you can watch short videos of how it works now. Of course, in the final version, all this will work better and more accurately.  

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