Apple allows up to 12GB of RAM instead of 5GB on iPads

Apple has decided to increase the limit on the use of RAM in iPad tablets with the release of the iPadOS 15 operating system, which will launch on September 20. Apple previously decided that apps can use more than 5GB of RAM. This ensures that there is enough memory left on the tablet to keep it running at top speed all the time.

More and more professionals and creatives use Apple's powerful tablets at work with demanding programs that require more than 5GB of dedicated RAM to perform optimally. This applies to applications for graphic design, 3D modeling, video or photo editing. 

According to MacRumors, developers will soon be able to program their apps to request additional RAM so that iPad users can make the most of even the most demanding apps. The limit of this new memory limit varies for iPads with varying amounts of RAM.

On the iPad Pro with Apple M1 with 16GB of RAM, apps are now allowed to request up to 12GB of RAM, with the remaining 4GB remaining for basic system needs. On iPad Pro models that have 8GB of RAM, Apple allows apps to request up to 6GB on iPadOS 15. The remaining 2GB should keep all essential processes running. No application will be allowed to use this remaining buffer.

According to Apple, all "supported devices" will be able to take advantage of this new memory usage.

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