Apple confirms iPhone 13 bugs

It wasn't until the day before yesterday that the iPhone 13 went on sale, and all indications are that they are selling very well. In terms of pre-orders, the iPhone 13 is well ahead of the iPhone 12.

As before, users lined up in front of stores, some sold their seats in lines, while others resold brand new smartphones at a premium. From day one, iPhone 13 users started reporting some issues.

Apple has already officially confirmed the bugs that are present in iPhone 13. If you restore a new iPhone or iPad from a backup, you will not be able to access the Apple Music catalog, Apple Music settings, or use the Sync Library on the new device. In addition, when you automatically turn on Macro Mode on iPhone 13, it can no longer be turned off.

It also became known that the iPhone 13 in some cases cannot establish a connection with the Apple Watch. Apple Support recommends resetting your network settings, but it doesn't help. Some people have been helped by resetting their Apple Watch and re-pairing.

Almost every time a new smartphone comes out, there are some problems, most of which are software in nature. Apple should fix existing bugs in the next software update.

As we previously reported, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is outperformed by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in new camera tests.

Apple also discovered an issue where widgets may return to their default settings after restoring your iPhone or iPad from a backup. There is no way to automatically fix the problem. Instead, Apple advises users to manually adjust widget settings.

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