Apple explains why it doesn't want to ditch Lightning and move to USB-C

As you know, in the coming years, at least in Europe, Apple will probably be obliged to switch from Lightning to USB-C. But the company doesn't want that. Moreover, Apple believes that a forced switch is generally a bad idea.

The new law will have a direct negative impact, disrupting the hundreds of millions of active devices and accessories used by our European customers, and will affect even more Apple customers around the world, creating an unprecedented amount of e-waste and a great inconvenience for users.

Apple says the move to USB-C will be wasteful as customers will need new cables, adapters and accessories.

At the same time, Apple, of course, does not say anything that the abandonment of the proprietary connector promises the company a loss of money since it will not be able to license USB-C, as it does with Lightning under the MFi program.

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