Apple Introduces Beats Studio3 Wireless A-COLD-WALL Limited Edition

Apple has officially announced a new series of its popular Beats Studio3 noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, which were developed in collaboration with British fashion brand A-COLD-WALL and designer Samuel Ross.

Technically speaking, the headphones shouldn't be any different from other Beats Studio3 headphones that have been available in a variety of colors since 2017. The new version is gray with white dots. Even the ear pads are painted in the new color, only the inner part of the headband is beige.

These headphones deliver excellent sound quality with Pure Active Noise Canceling, which blocks out ambient noise and uses real-time sound calibration to maintain clarity and range.

Unlike the Beats Studio Buds, the Studio3 Wireless uses the Apple W1 single-chip system for easy setup and connectivity and offers up to 22 hours of battery life with Pure ANC noise canceling turned on. Thanks to Fast Fuel technology, these earbuds can be charged in 10 minutes for 3 hours of use.

This limited edition Studio3 Wireless is offered for $ 350.

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