Apple iPhone 13 Pro uses an L-shaped battery that can be replaced

IFixit has disassembled the Apple iPhone 13 Pro to assess the maintainability of this device. So far, only the first part of the report has been published, so they have not yet put the assessment itself, but they have already made some interesting comments.

In particular, an X-ray taken before disassembly showed that the designers tried to fill all the available space in the device case with a rechargeable battery. To do this, they had to give it an L-shape. This is not the first time the iPhone has been using this solution.

The battery capacity is 11.97 Wh. According to iFixit, this is more than the iPhone 12 Pro's rectangular battery capacity, which is 10.78 Wh, but less than the "standard rectangular cell" capacity of 12.54 Wh. For comparison: the Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone runs on a 17.8 Wh battery, while the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra runs on a 19.40 Wh battery.

Most importantly, rumors about the impossibility of replacing the battery in the Apple iPhone 13 Pro smartphone turned out to be rumors. According to iFixit specialists, such a replacement is quite possible.

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